Digital Divide and Conquer

Happy GDPR!

If you have any sort of online presence, you are probably seeing a host of privacy-related emails coming in now that the Global Data Privacy Regulation is in effect.

You may not realize it, but you have a lucky organization opportunity right there in your inbox:

  1. You can now see at a glance every website you have created an account for.  See something that no longer interests you? Make a mental note (or move the email to a special folder) to follow up to determine whether that account can be deleted from your life.
  2. Do you notice that the emails have all arrived into your main email inbox, or are they being filtered (moved) into subfolders relevant to your life?  Are they being filtered into the wrong folders or do your filters need refining?  You now have a treasure trove of filter-ready material to browse through (subject lines, sender email addresses, etc.).

For me, the experience of having all the GDPR emails show up in my main inbox folder led to the complete overhaul of my email filtering rules.  I think I now have near a hundred or so filters set up, neatly organized by category.  Some (somewhat) obvious categories are: work, family, finances, social life.  Some new categories I added this year are: professional networking, continuing education, pets. And since I recently moved into a “smart house” I now have a category for all the emails my thermostat, garage, lawn sprinklers, and security system send me!